About Us

We at Our Children’s Place, create an environment which allows the child to learn at his/her own pace and to:

  • Develop a strong self-image and gain confidence.
  • To become increasingly aware of the world and the cultural diversities therein.
  • Be encouraged to think, reason, question and experiment, which fosters positive attitudes toward future learning.
  • To grow in independence and initiative to establish good relationships with adults and other children.
  • Learn to accept responsibility and good work habits.
  • Acquire sound health, safety and nutritional practices.
  • Find enjoyment in creative expression and self-direction.
  • To enjoy physical skills and development.

Our respectful and flexible staff makes school a place that the young student will enjoy and look forward to each day. Part of the day is spent in learning centers, where small groups or an individual child can work on a specific skill such as reading, math, science or art.

Play is the natural way of learning and by incorporating it with words, materials and ideas, at Our Children’s Place; we utilize the special tendency of children to be active learners. All children are encouraged to participate in physical play that is directed towards the child’s preference.

Daily snack time is offered and outdoor recess periods are also included, weather permitting.

Our Children’s Place has planned an excellent Nursery School Program & Kindergarten experience to meet the specific needs of your young child. Through guided individual and group activities we provide opportunities:

  • To discover, explore, and create.
  • To develop academic and social skills
  • To move away from dependence.

Each child is unique with individual differences in personality, background, maturity and abilities. Therefore, his/her growth potential should be nurtured by the thrill of discovery in an environment rich in materials and activities.

In addition, private kindergarten provides the chance for a child to understand how to be a participating member of a classroom group.

In practicing the standards set by NAEYC (The National Association for the Education of Young Children), we strive to provide a safe, positive place for learning, with the ultimate goal of helping each young person to become self-reliant, creative and capable.

Our curriculums include language, reading and writing, math, social studies, science, health and safety, art, music, physical development, and field trips.

Our Children’s Place · Super Kids Nursery School & Schoolage Adventures · 30 Quarry Road · Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033 · Phone: 860-659-4766
Located off Exit 10 from Route 2 or off Route 83 coming from Manchester

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